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Loving Homes with Exceptional Amenities
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24/7 support
100+ Happy residents & families
Loving Homes with Exceptional Amenities
Recommended oncarehome.co.uk

Life at Minton Care Hotels is one of warmth, support and enriching experiences. As a resident in our loving community, you’ll embark on a journey that prioritises your individuality, well-being and fulfilment. Our commitment to exceptional care creates a vibrant lifestyle where every day holds the promise of cherished moments and newfound joys.

Thrive in Your Individuality

From the moment you become a part of our family, you’ll find yourself surrounded by a dedicated team of compassionate caregivers and professionals who treat you with genuine care and respect.

We believe that every individual’s story is unique, which is why our approach is tailored to meet your specific needs, preferences and aspirations. Whether it’s enjoying a delicious meal prepared to your taste, engaging in stimulating activities or simply relishing moments of relaxation in our beautiful surroundings, every area of life with us is thoughtfully designed to enhance your quality of life.

Embracing Connections

At Minton Care Hotels, we understand the importance of human connection. You’ll have the opportunity to forge new friendships, share experiences and become an integral part of a community that values each resident’s presence.

From wellness programs to social events, we have an environment where you can continue to grow, learn and thrive. Our team of caregivers are here to support you at every step, alongside new friends who promise your journey with us is filled with laughter, comfort, and a profound sense of belonging.

An Active Lifestyle

We know how important an active lifestyle is to keep the mind and body healthy and positive.

Our care home staff are always working with our residents to plan activities, outings and special events. From quizzes and games to pub meals and trips-out, every day has something on offer.

All-Inclusive Simplicity

Our care homes in Norwich and Ipswich guarantee exceptional support, full facilities and an all-encompassing experience for each of our residents. Our all-inclusive fee covers everything from home-cooked meals to entertainment, with additional services such as chiropody, hairdressing and newspaper delivery which can be organised on request.

Everything is Included

From delicious cooked meals to social activities and daily care,
here’s what’s included in with our care homes in Norwich and Ipswich:


  • En-suite rooms (subject to availability)
  • Fine dining
  • Onsite laundry service
  • Daily housekeeping
  • Home cooked meals
  • 24-hour care

Entertainment & Activities

  • Celebrations
  • Day trips
  • Entertainment visits
  • Events calendar
  • Transportation

Also Available

  • Chiropody
  • Hairdressing
  • Newspaper delivery

A Day In the Life of
Minton Care Hotels

83-year-old resident Eva wakes up at 8 AM, as part of her chosen routine, to the smell of delicious home-cooked meals from across the building inviting her to begin the day.

Our friendly staff help her get gently dressed into her clean clothes of choice, and walk her over to the dining room. She’s greeted by familiar smiles, her usual cup of tea with one sugar and a tasty breakfast.

Then it’s time for the activities of the morning – arts and crafts, with her favourite music on in the background and a stunning view of the Norwich countryside.

Eva heads back to the dining room around midday for lunch, where she enjoys another nutritious meal with all her preferences catered for. She loves this time as she gets to chat with her friends and the staff who are pleased to check in on how her day is going.

After lunch, Eva decides she’d like to go outside for a gentle stroll around the grounds. She loves the fresh Norfolk air and checking on how the flowers are growing.

After a cup of tea (and a quick request for her favourite biscuit) she takes a rest in her room, with her TV and calls her granddaughter. Eva later meets her friends in the dining room where she enjoys a delicious roast.

Then there’s time to enjoy quiz night, which Eva always loves as it puts her mind and memories to the test and everyone has a good laugh.

Finally, Eva is helped to her bathroom for a bath as the sun goes down before she heads to bed for another night of blissful sleep.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re here to help you

What activity programmes do you offer?

We offer a range of activities designed to cater to the diverse interests of our residents. From recreational games, arts and crafts, and gardening to exercise classes, cultural events, and movie nights, we strive to create a vibrant and engaging environment.

Are special occasions and holidays celebrated at Minton Care Hotels?

Absolutely! At Minton Care Hotels, we love to celebrate special occasions and holidays with our residents! We believe in creating a warm and festive atmosphere that enhances the sense of community. From birthdays and holidays to cultural festivities, we organize events and activities that bring joy and a sense of togetherness. Our goal is to make every occasion special and memorable for our residents, creating an environment where they can share in the joy of festivities.


Do you offer day trips?

At Minton Care Hotels, we love adding a touch of adventure to our residents’ lives! We offer exciting day trips where our residents can explore the wonders of the local area, soak in the beauty of nature, and savor new experiences.

Get Started

We welcome you to contact us today if you’re ready to get started or have any questions. You are more than welcome to enjoy a tour of our property and grounds, or to request a brochure for you and your family.